Make-your-own bathbombs

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If you would like to try out some natural skincare recipes that contain common kitchen ingredients, just enter your email address below and we’ll send you 5 lovely recipes that you can make at home. These include a body scrub, a hair conditioner, luxury bath salts and a couple of face masks. Enjoy!


Here, at Crafty By Nature Skincare, we believe that by combining the amazing power of nature with some crafty creativity, you’ll make wonderful products and have plenty of fun.

Our make-your-own lip balms and bath bombs use natural, vegan ingredients to create a product that is beneficial to your skin and a pleasure to make. You can purchase the make-your-own kits or the ready made products.  The choice is yours!

At Crafty By Nature Skincare, we believe in looking after the environment, so our packaging is fully recyclable. We also don’t use any glitters or dyes in our products, preferring to keep them as natural as possible.

We also run make-your-own skincare birthday parties and workshops in the South East of England.  Here, you will have a fantastic experience making products and then taking them with you to enjoy in the comfort of your home.


At Crafty By Nature we sell some amazing make-your-own skin care kits containing natural oils, butters and vegan waxes and using eco-friendly packaging.  With a choice of flavours, our make-your-own lip balm and make-your-own bath bomb kits are guaranteed to be a lot of fun for children aged 6 – 14 and big kids of any age!  We also have the ready made products for sale, if you would prefer to enjoy their amazing qualities immediately. Click here for more details


Crafty-By-Nature Parties are wonderfully fun for children aged 6 – 14 years old.  Based in the South East of England, we will come to your location of your choice and provide all the equipment and ingredients for children to make their own bath bombs and lip balms. They will then take their creations home as a happy memory of the party and to enjoy in their own time. Click here for more details


Our Crafty-By-Nature Workshops give you and your friends a chance to be creative and make some fantastic products to keep, while bonding over a glass of wine and some nibbles. Click here for more details

Just wanted to say that my daughter and her friend absolutely loved making the lip balm and how they turned out! Have to admit the smell is amazing and I’m thinking my daughter might “accidently ” lose one and it ends up in my bag 😂😍

Elizabeth H

My five-year-old and her friends had a lovely birthday party making bath bombs; very pretty and fun in the bath, I liked that it was all-natural ingredients and that the children took home something special they’d made (instead of usual plastic stuff in goodies bags!). Fun idea for a party.Beautiful results

Melissa A