About Us

Hi, I’m Sarah, the founder of Crafty By Nature

We are passionate about nature, good skincare and crafts. We produce great quality natural lip balms and bathbombs, plus make-your-own lip balm and bathbomb kits to help you and your children get in touch with all the natural ingredients and to understand how beneficial they are to us.

So, here is a quick introduction to how the business came about. I have been suffering from a couple of chronic illnesses for quite a few years now (POTS and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome) and as part of my health plan, I decided to completely change my diet and remove all processed food and replace them with meals made from natural ingredients and I felt so much better for it. But then I realised that I was still putting a lot of man-made chemicals into my body through the skincare I was using.

So I started to look into making my own skincare and eventually did a diploma in formulating natural skincare. My skin has never felt better and I’m really happy to be using products derived from nature on my face and body.

My daughter has really loved helping me make my products and so I decided to launch some make-your-own skin care products and craftybynature.biz was born. We sell totally natural make-your-own lip balms and bath bombs, where parents get the opportunity to spend quality time with their children making something special. Even when my energy levels are depleted, I can still sit in my kitchen having quality time with my daughter, whilst making lip balms and bath bombs.

We also run make-your-own lip balm and bathbomb parties for children aged 6+ and as I know that so many adults are interested in learning how to make their own skincare products, we also run workshops.

I would love to hear your feedback, so please comment below: