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Halloween Nature Crafts

Following on from my last post about the benefits of interacting with nature on both our mental and physical health, I have been making the most of the beautiful October weather and exploring our beautiful surroundings.  The girls have been busy collecting multi-coloured leaves, conkers and pine cones, while climbing trees and running through leaves.

Following our explorations, we had an entertaining afternoon making natural Halloween crafts with our discoveries.  First up, we made haunting ghosts out of leaves. We turned the leaves over so that the paler (spookier side) was on top and then used a sharpie to paint on their ghostly features. The girls had a great time making a ghost family and these will look fab hanging over the mantelpiece at Halloween.

Our pine cone finds were then turned into spooky spiders.  We used pipe cleaners, cut in half, to wrap around the pine cone and dangle down like spindly legs. Then, to create eyes, we stuck on felt, which I must say, works well to produce a spooky vibe. Thanks to our little creation, My little one is of the belief that she has a real pet spider and has been walking round with it all day – so cute!

Finally we turned our conkers into bats.  We used black felt to make wings and ears, white felt to make spooky teeth and eyes.

It’s been a great weekend, firstly playing in nature and getting some lovely fresh air and then using our amazing finds to make some great Halloween crafts.

Nature: the gift that just keeps on giving!